What are disadvantages of agriculture?

Following are disadvantages;Lack of water assets – horticulture dominatingly subject to great rainstorm. Extent of water system is restricted to fields while desert, sloping districts still denied of present day strategy for irrigation.Paucity of Electricity. Absence of ranch mechanisation.

Avg. operational land possessions are divided and furthermore diminishing over the years. Low profitability of agri/horti crops combined with lower percent of An evaluation produces.

No opportune accessibility of seed/seedlings, agro-synthetic compounds, composts and so on. Nonattendance of field conventions or great agri rehearses on ongoing reason for famers. Poor access to business sectors for more expensive rate acknowledgment.

Absence of framework offices, for example, pre-post reap measures, safe stockpiling, allude system and transport of produce. No esteem processors for surplus production. No complete approach on farming and national water policy. Coverage of institutional component for credit/insurance yet to indicate results at the field level. No centered human asset preparing or expertise advancement activities.